Sew-Easy costumes create costume kits for school history topics

If you are a teacher looking for a great way to inject some creativity, interactivity and fun into your historical week, or a parent looking for an enjoyable, fun way to create a costume for your child, Sew-Easy Costumes is the answer.

The costumes come in kit form and contain everything you need to complete your costume - no need to run around looking for fabric and patterns, simply cut out and sew.

Make history come alive with costumes that are inspired by historical documents and adapted to suit modern sewing methods and lifestyle.

Printed on hardwearing polyester the costumes are ideal for the school environment, providing a fantastic sewing opportunity for children. Sew-Easy Costumes are perfect as an in-school sewing project and can help fulfill curriculum learning objectives in both design & technology and the humanities.

View all our collections which are constantly being added to.

To help you understand the easiest way to make your costume, please download our 'Getting Started' page attached to the instructions for each costume.

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